K (_ladyatropos_) wrote in ohiopunks,

Bondage / Fetish / Punk / Goth market every weekend in Columbus!
We have new stuff arriving all the time... Come check out what we've got now!

Friday and Saturday, 10-2:30, Across the hall from The Chamber

Livejournal username to contact: transmission00

1. All clothes must be clean and have the size labeled.
2. All items must be "tagged" (nothing fancy required... masking tape is great) with item number and price. Accompanying (i don't think i spelled that right) required listing item number, description and price.
3. Nothing over $30, and all items should be priced to sell.
4. Generally you'll get paid the next night the chamber is open... (I don't know if 80's night counts, you'll have to ask cat about that one.) The club takes 10% to cover expenses.
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