Wanna Start A Punk Band???

(This is not from me, but I found this and I'm sharing it)

Wanna Start A Punk Band???

PUNK IN DAYTON!!!! Yes, punk in Dayton. Looking to start a four
member PUNK band.

Lead guitarist, Bass guitarist, and Drummer

Rhythm guitarist/Vocalist

Bowling for Soup, Useless I.D., Sum 41, New Found Glory, Yellowcard,
Jettigham, Chixdiggit, and MxPx.

-Melodic Chord Structures
-Vocal Harmonies
-Members should be able to harmonize vocally.
-Members should want to create new music and contribute there own
musical "personality" to the group.
-Members should be willing to play the music written by other band
members as well as what they write themselves.

-To play punk music
-To record in a studio
-To play live shows
-To have fun doing it

If you enjoy these bands and would like to play in a similar style
then lets get together and jam. If you want to find out more
information then come check out the Yahoo group…


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If you live in the Akron/Cleveland area, go to this and I'll totally envy you because I can't find a sitter.

PS - I just remembered that I've been a mod for this community for like 2 years and dont have the password? I used to be "bonniebiteme" <3
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I.G.U.N. - Bowling Green, Oh

I.G.U.N. - Bowling Green, Oh

I.G.U.N. is held every Wednesday night from 9:00pm until 2:30am. At present there is no cover for anyone in appropriate attire over 21 and a $2.00 cover for those who are 18-20, but there is still a $5.00 cover for those in inappropriate attire of any age. And just a reminder, this is an an 18 and up club.

I.G.U.N has recently migrated down the street to Sky Bar, located at 238 North Main Street in downtown Bowling Green. Located in a much larger facility, I.G.U.N has evolved into a new and exciting weekly show without experiencing limitations of the past. With the inspiration of new innovative audio and visual equipment at our disposal, Wednesdays now brings new and exciting material mesmerizing our family of visitors every week, guaranteed! The whole experience is presented on eight televisions, including three 6’ big screens as well as three plasmas complimenting the best sound system in the state of Ohio. A welcome mat is laid out every week by a cast of professional DJs and friendly bar staff in order to make every patron feel a sense of belonging, comfort, and safety in the place where I.G.U.N now calls home.

I.G.U.N. has now also integrated the underground punk scene into it's ranks. Every Wednesday from 9pm-10pm you can come up to Sky Bar to enjoy nothing but Fuckin' Punk for the first hour. Punk Power hour was integrated in July to test out the waters and see how the punk scene reacts to having a time just for themselves. It, so far, has proven to be a great time and the Punks love it! Music from the Misfits, Dead Kennedy's, The Clash, Sex Pistols, AFI, Dropkick Murphy's, Flogging Molly, Bad Religion, etc..

Sky Bar has allowed for warmer weather to be used in a manner unlike IGUN has ever seen before. With the use of an outdoor patio, the IGUN experience can continue outside (weather permitting of course). And each week, a better understanding to the needs and desires of the patrons is keep in high consideration. The owner of Sky Bar, Doug, is working with IGUN as oppose to the scrapping by mentality of the past. Also, on a regular basis you can see and even speak with the owner himself. Doug actually interacts with the crowd and sometimes works at IGUN too, serving the best mixed drinks around!

We would also like to welcome any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions that you the people might have in order to make the experience for yourself as well as others as fulfilling as possible on Wednesday nights. All questions concerning the bar itself should be directed to the owner of Sky Bar, Doug (username: Dark Dugger), on the forum. Any questions concerning the music or I.G.U.N should be directed to The Gothfather himself. On a final note, we want to make it understood that we welcome constructive criticism, however, any derogatory questions or statements will not be tolerated, and necessary actions will be taken, as I.G.U.N strives to create an environment of positive energy and enjoyment.

Drink Specials:
$3.00 Bombs
$1.25 Drafts
$1.50 Captain Morgan
$2.50 Jack Daniels
$2.50 Pitchers


Currently, they are booking shows at Howards Club Hell in Bowling Green, OH (near Toledo) and are looking for bands for the summer shows.

If you've never been to BG, its a college town south of toledo, and howards is about the biggest venue in the area right now since most of the toledo venues have shut down or stopped putting on shows.

Howards has shows about 4-5 times a week and hosts events at least once every week.
contact them through the following mediums if you're interested:

Hair Force! Booking
AIM: heroin orheroine
Digits: 419 618 7911

Note: Hardcore/Metal bands ARE welcome, but most of the shows here are of the indie/noise persuasion. So some dates may be limited due to the fact that they have to find local hardcore bands (they only have a few).

Dark Arts Fest

June, 2 2006 at 2nd Cincy Dark Arts Fest ftng. Bella Morte, Hungry Lucy, Liquefaction, N/A at the Madison Theater
730 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41011-2412
Cost: $11 in advance/$12 at the door

Tickets are available online from TicketFusion, the Madison, Shake It Records, and other area music stores.

Details on the newly renovated Madison Theater can be found here:

Parking is free in the lot behind the Madison, and there are 5 garages in the area with parking as low as $2.

This event includes live musicians, vendors, and art showings. Tickets for future Cincy Dark Arts Festivals will be given out as door prizes at current Cincy Dark Arts Festivals and on select nights at the Necropolis.



I'm allllll into japanese street fashion right now! I bought a book I saw in Barnes and Nobles recently and it totally set me off..... I bought these books, and found they are amazing! The photos and fashion ideas rock! I have them set out on my coffee table for visitors to look up,they love the book and the weird wild fashion photos!

If you are looking for inspiration for all new makeup styles, fashion, and hair - check these out!


J-Rpck Groupies - Awwwwwwwwwwwwesom book!

The first book I ever bought - its nothing but photos - no text - TONS of ideas!

I got this book from the library and later bought it - its great help for those of you who design your own clothing and want to take a professional approach!


Hey you guys!
I live in Findlay, Ohio.. NW ohio by Bowling Green and shit. 2 hours south of Detroit.. but anyways, my friend Adam purchased 2 pink-eyed white female rats from Pet Supplies Plus and now (2-4 weeks later) one just gave birth. He was freaking out and he called me because he knows I love animals and I have 7 rats/1 ferret/1 cat. He told me I had to take them. So I drove to his house and picked up the fuzzies.

I was disgusted.. they're bedding was pee-soaked and smelled like ammonia/bleach (which is a sign they haven't been eating very much/well) and they had absolutely NO food except for 2 baby carrots. I brought her home and gave her a huge bowl of food and she scarfed it down and never even left the bowl. Poor girl. Who knows when the last time she has eaten was?

ANYWAYS, I now have 10 rats that need good homes.
8 babies (they don't have hair yet) and 2 white pink-eyed adult female rats. I am NOT selling them, they are FREE to people who can give them good homes.

if you want one or two, email me at The babies and the mom won't be able to be adopted out for another 5 weeks, but I have one white adult female who can be adopted at any time. I will drive to Toledo or the surrounding areas if possible.

PLEASE help me out. I already have 7 rats I don't need 10 more!

Phoebe (